5 Phaidon Quarantinis to shake up at home!

Whether it's the taste of the French countryside or a higher meditative plane, for your next Zoom party serve a cocktail that truly takes you out of your lockdown locale
An illustration from Regarding Cocktails
An illustration from Regarding Cocktails

Are your weekend Zoom, Skype and Houseparties now part of a new social whirl? Are you actually seeing more of your friends now than you did when times were ‘normal’? If so, it's probably time to up the alcohol offering in your lockdown locale. And in this case less can definitely be more, as long as you follow professional advice.

Even when drinking at home it's worth remembering to uphold a sense of decorum (might we recommend Sasha Petraske's Regarding Cocktails for more on that) and with the right cocktail combination you can travel the flavours of the world without tearing yourself away from the ever present screen (and perhaps, as one of our mixologists says, even leave yourself with a lockdown flavour memory.)

We asked some of the hundreds of mixologists, bartenders and contributors to our book Where Bartenders Drink to recommend their favourite cocktails. Written and compiled by the native New Yorker Adrienne Stillman, the co-founder, editor-in-chief, and event director of Dipsology, a curated digital guide  for cocktail enthusiasts, the book offers advice on the best drinks in the most memorable global locations for when lockdown ends (and some highly targeted recommendations for fun at home until it does).


An illustration from Regarding Cocktails
An illustration from Regarding Cocktails

Guillaume Le Dorner worked at the legendary 69 Colebrooke Row Cocktail Bar in Islington and recently opened his own bar, Luciole, in Cognac, France.

Quarantini Recommendation My favourite cocktail to make would be an Avignon. It’s a cocktail on the menu in my new bar Luciole. It’s very simple, Cognac and Roman chamomile syrup stirred down and served in Frankincense smoked glass. It’s a cocktail based on meditation and religion. The frankincense brings a calm and appeasing feeling while the mix of cognac and syrup bring softness. It is truly a cocktail that takes you somewhere else!


An illustration from Regarding Cocktails
An illustration from Regarding Cocktails

Colin Field has been ranked as best bartender in the world by Forbes and Travel + Leisure magazines. He's the head bartender at the Hemingway Bar of the Hôtel Ritz Paris and has invented several drinks, including notably the Picasso Martini. 

Quarantini Recommendation The Serendipity. In a tumbler, Fresh Mint and Calvados with a teespoon of sugar Clear Apple juice, Champagne. It is France in a glass! It's the cocktail I made in the President's Salon at the Senat whilst I was trying to convince the Ministry of Education to introduce a Degree from the Sorbonne University for Bartending.  


Regarding Cocktails

Erik Lorincz was the bar manager for the last five years at The American Bar in London before opening his own bar Kwānt.

Quarantini Recommendation I am a big fan of Dry Martini and Negroni when at home. At work it's all about what the guests request. 


An illustration from Regarding Cocktails
An illustration from Regarding Cocktails

Carina Soto Velasquez is a bar owner, mixologist and the CEO of Quixotic Projects, a Paris-based hospitality company which owns and manages such acclaimed venues as Candelaria, Glass, Le Mary Celeste, and Hero.

Quarantini Recommendation I enjoy making Negronis. I love playing with the ingredients. Cocktails are like food: the classic things will be always be around and when they are well executed it's always a pleasure. 


Where Bartenders Drink

Nico de Soto's East Village bar Mace derives its name from a spice, jars of which also line the walls, having been collected by partner Greg Boehm on his many international travels. 

Quarantini Recommendation The Clarified Milk Punch. There is a long process of infusions and filtration, the mouth texture is unique and there are layers of different flavours as well. 


Monica Berg is an award-winning bartender, author and co-founder of P(our), a not-for-profit organization devoted to exploring new ideas, sharing information, and exchanging inspiration within the global drinks industry. She achieved critical acclaim for her seasonal aquavit and was awarded the Linie Honorary Award in 2015, for her services to and for Norwegian food and drink culture. 

Quarantini Recommendation My favourites are always when you are able to make something that surpasses expectations, whether its a G&T, Daiquiri or Old Fashioned.  I think this is also one of the things that I love about bartending, the opportunity to give people flavour memories. I find it to be very bonding.


An illustration from Regarding Cocktails
An illustration from Regarding Cocktails

If that's whetted your whistle take a look at Regarding Cocktails and Where Bartenders Drink in the store. 

And remember as Sasha Petraske recommends dim the lights because everyone looks a little better in the dark and don't forget the ice!



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