Cranberry Saus Baus by Evil Twin Brewing. Image courtesy of their Instagram

Where to Drink Beer’s author has got Thanksgiving covered

Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø has added a little seasonal colour to Evil Twin Brewing’s line-up. Praise be!

When the Pilgrim Fathers first gave thanks for their harvest in the New World, they probably weren’t thinking about combining any of their newly reaped produce with a little vanilla to create a really great tasting IPA.

Thankfully, a more recent European arrival has done just that - the Danish-born beer afficionardo Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø who runs New York’s Evil Twin Brewing and who oversaw our new worldwide guide to great pubs and beer bars, Where To Drink Beer.

To mark 2018’s Thanksgiving celebrations, he has produced Cranberry Saus Baus, a new Indian Pale Ale with oat and lactose, with vanilla and cranberry purée added. Evil Twin is – in beer-making terms – a gipsy brewer, with no fixed premises. Jeppe made Cranberry Saus Baus with Dorchester Brewing Company, in Boston.



Where to Drink Beer
Where to Drink Beer

However, he's set to give up his gypsy ways; later this year Evil Twin should open its first proper, bricks-and-mortar brewery in Brooklyn. Now that’s a reason to really give thanks. For more on the best places to try the best beers around the world get Where to Drink Beer. And for more on great recipes to go with brews like this get Food and Beer.