“Ferran Adria opened my eyes” says Noma's chef, René Redzepi

René Redzepi pays emotional tribute to elBulli star

“Ferran Adria opened my eyes” says the Noma chef

Ferran Adrià has caused almost as much of a stir in closing elBulli as he did in turning it into the internationally recognised temple of gastronomy. The Catalan superchef, who publishes The Family Meal with Phaidon in October, was the subject of countless editorials in the press this week with British and American press lamenting the passing of the restaurant he took over in 1984 and speculating on his plans to set up a creativity centre on the same site in 2014.

"The spirit of elBulli will live on "Adrià told an international roll call of star chefs, gathered for the restaurant’s last meal. Many of them paid tribute to the godfather of molecular gastronomy - none more eloquently than Noma’s René Redzepi.

"Being here on this final day, this historic day, is very emotional,” Redzepi told the Sunday Telegraph. "This is the place where my eyes were opened to a new world. A seed was planted in my head and that seed has grown and grown. What Ferran has created here is not found anywhere else. It's a very special place. He taught people to think about food emotionally and created new techniques that have transformed the art of cooking."

And if you’re wondering what Ferran served at his last supper, Phaidon.com has the full, 49-course menu:

  1. Dry martini
  2. Mojito-caipirinha 
  3. Mojito and apple baguette
  4. Gin fizz
  5. Spherical olives
  6. Mimetic peanuts
  7. Pistachip ravioli
  8. Parmesan cheese porra
  9. Parmesan cheese macaron
  10. Gorgonzola balloon
  11. Olive oil chip
  12. Flower in nectar
  13. Flowers paper
  14. Tender almonds
  15. Pa amb tomàquet 
  16. Golden egg
  17. Clam meringue
  18. Liquid croqueta
  19. Smoked mousse
  20. Squid and coconut ravioli
  21. Soy cristal
  22. Nori ravioli with lemon
  23. Soy matches
    24)Salmon niguiri
  24. Boiled shrimp
  25. Two cooking prawn
  26. Roses with ham wonton and melon water
  27. Ham and ginger canape
  28. Cheese bread
  29. Icy quinoa of duck fois-gras
  30. Ajo blanco
  31. Veal bone marrow with caviar
  32. Pinenuts shabu-shabu
  33. Liquid hazelnut porra
  34. Curry chicken
  35. Lobster ceviche
  36. Oaxaca taco
  37. Gazpacho and ajo blanco
  38. Sea cucumber
  39. Hare fritter
  40. Game meat cappucino
  41. Blackberry risotto with game & meat sauce
  42. Hare loin with its own blood
  43. Spice plat
  44. 'Bones' of iced tea shavings with sugared mint
  45. Raspberry infusion
  46. Melba cornet
  47. Fondue melba
  48. Box


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