Phoenix shower fans with Richard Prince works

French band crown Spanish festival set by dropping 42,000 Richard Prince-designed bank notes over the crowd
Richard Prince's zero dollar bill
Richard Prince's zero dollar bill




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Did you pick up a Richard Prince edition in Barcelona last week? As a festival souvenir, it certainly ranks above your usual t-shirt or wristband; yet, when the edition is of 42,000, we wouldn't recommend you consigning it to the next Christie's sale just yet.

The French band, Phoenix, dropped these 'zero dollar bill' notes, as they describe them, over the crowd while playing Bankrupt!, the title track from their new album, during their headline set at the Primavera festival in Barcelona, last Thursday night.


Richard Prince's zero dollar bank note

Richard Prince's zero dollar bank note

The band says "We've been admiring Richard Prince's work for a few years now. A week ago we approached him asking him to design a zero dollar bill, artistic money. He came up with a design over the weekend and we printed 42,000 bills for the Primavera Festival performance."

This isn't the first time Prince has collaborated with recording artists. In 2004, one of Prince's Nurse paintings adorned the cover of Sonic Youth's album, Sonic Nurse.



Of all his pop music collaborations, we like this one the best. To see a long clip of the fake dollar drop, go here, and to learn more about Richard Prince's life and work, take a look at our brilliant monograph.


  • Richard Prince
  • Richard Prince
Richard Prince (b.1949) emerged in the 1980s as one of America's new, highly innovative artists working with the margins of America's subcultures and visual debris. The appropriation and re-presentation of highly idiosyncratic subject matter - such as one-line jokes, off-colour cartoons, cowboys ('borrowed' from Marlboro ads) and motorcycle gangs - are essential to his work.

In late 2007, Prince had a retrospective at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, a comprehensive show hung in chronological order along the upward spiraling walls. The show continued onto the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Maria Morris Hamburg, the curator of photography at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, asserted, "He is absolutely essential to what's going on today, he figured out before anyone else-and in a very precocious manner-how thoroughly pervasive the media is. It's not just an aspect of our lives, but the dominant aspect of our lives."

Richard Prince


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