The Phaidon 100: Art Collection

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One hundred years ago, Phaidon invented the accessible art book. To celebrate the occasion, we have curated a selection of surveys celebrating art throughout history

From medieval to modern and contemporary and covering a range of movements, styles, and categories, this selection is the shortlist of art books every art enthusiast should have in the home.

This collection includes:

The Art Book: The latest, thoroughly revised edition of Phaidon's award-winning and globally bestselling art survey, featuring works from more than 600 of the world's greatest artists

The Art Museum: Visit the world’s most comprehensive and compelling museum in a single book – the ultimate gallery in your own home

Great Women Artists: Five centuries of fascinating creativity presented in more than 400 compelling artworks and one comprehensive volume

Body of Art: The first book to celebrate the beautiful and provocative ways artists have represented, scrutinized, and utilized the human body over centuries

African Artists: A groundbreaking A-Z survey of the work of over 300 modern and contemporary artists born or based in Africa

Art =: A fresh and unconventional approach to exploring 6,000 years of art history through 800 masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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Collection curated by Phaidon Editors