Agnes Martin: Painting, Writings, RemembrancesArne Glimcher

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The only complete career retrospective of this visionary painter, including all her most iconic works, which are prized for their exquisite visual poetry, together with personal letters and facsimiles, reprinted in Martin’s own hand, adding intimacy to this classic book

Agnes Martin’s career spanned over seven decades, with a profile that has skyrocketed since the 2015-17 major exhibition at Tate Modern, London that travelled globally to great acclaim. Though a major influence on Minimalist painters, Martin saw her own work more closely related to Abstract Expressionism, her paintings being ‘meditations on innocence, beauty, happiness and love.’ This much-anticipated reissue of Martin’s exhibition manager and close friend Arne Glimcher’s highly-acclaimed book presents 130 of her paintings and drawings alongside her previously unpublished writings and lecture notes. Glimcher’s illuminating introduction, his personal memories of visits to Martin at her studio, and their correspondence throughout her career, reveal many insights into the artist’s life and work.



  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 290 × 250 mm (11 3/8 × 9 7/8 in)
  • Pages: 364 pp
  • Illustrations: 220 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781838663094

Arne Glimcher is the founder of the Pace Gallery. He has worked with many of the world's greatest artists including: Pablo Picasso; Alexander Calder; Robert Rauschenberg; and Agnes Martin. In addition to producing and directing several films, he managed the exhibitions and sales of Martin's work through most of her career and became one of her closest friends.

"Martin is expressing our internal cartographies; emotional maps with structures of light and shade that elude rational explanation yet resonate more deeply than myriad figurative paintings." - Financial Times

"The power of her paintings is that of a sublime symphony: their mute melodies as meticulously wrought as they are effortlessly imbibed by the ear of the eye". - The Art Newspaper

"A stunningly beautiful volume ... An affectionate biographical glimpse into Martin's life ... an apt tribute." - Bookforum

"A comprehensive exhibition between book boards. Thanks to this volume, the rigorous openness and delicate complexity in Martin's work can be better fathomed and appreciated." - Art in America