Superpowered Animals: Meet the World's Strongest, Smartest, and Swiftest CreaturesSoledad Romero Mariño, illustrated by Sonia Pulido

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Inspired by books of world records, children are invited to learn fascinating facts about 22 of the most incredible animals on Earth

Over thousands of years of evolution, certain animals have become masters of survival. They are capable of exceptional abilities, from perceiving sounds and smells that humans can’t detect, to creating powerful chemical formulas. Each animal ‘superhero’ is given a stunning visual portrait as well as superpower icons, from superstrength and vision, to superspeed and intelligence. Important key facts, such as the animals’ habitat and predators, give context to their super abilities. 

A playful and unusual approach to a fascinating non-fiction topic for children, this book builds on children’s knowledge of animals, bringing them memorable facts to absorb. With striking graphic tarot-card-inspired design, this collection of record-breaking animals is for all animal lovers and would be zoologists.

For ages 7-11


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 300 × 240 mm (11 7/8 × 9 1/2 in)
  • Pages: 60 pp
  • Illustrations: 0 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781838667221

Author Soledad Romero Mariño is an experienced children’s non-fiction author who specialises in ‘best of’ round-up style books. Her works include Awesome Accidents: 19 Discoveries that Changed the World and Famous Robberies: The World’s Most Spectacular Heists.

Illustrator of the international bestseller What a Shell Can TellSonia Pulido has proven market success with Phaidon books. Her illustrations have appeared in publications globally, including the New Yorker and the New York Times. In 2020 Pulido won the Spanish National Illustration Award.

Smithsonian Magazine’s Best Children’s Books of 2023

‘Packed with information … Knowing these cool facts will make kids appreciate wildlife even more, especially wildlife that is not in their backyard.’ – Smithsonian Magazine

‘Charming.’ – Publishers Weekly

‘Filled with beautiful illustrations … [and] amazing information.’ – Beyond the Bookends

‘Suddenly the reasons for the existence of Batman and Spider-Man are clear, not to mention Killer Croc and Ant-Man … Informative and beautiful in equal measure.’ – GeekDad

Superpowered Animals is one of those books that children will be drawn to. Sure, the superpower aspect is a big enticement, but once you open [it], the bold, graphic elements and fantastic illustrations keep you flipping.’ – Cracking the Cover

‘Phaidon always delivers on nonfiction and this exceptional book is a true standout.’ – Library Mom

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‘A unique and unforgettable learning experience for readers of all ages.’ – Olivia the Librarian

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‘An engrossing book … [and] a clever way to share detailed and fascinating information about a range of animals.’ – The Silvan Reverie

‘Information-packed … A great read for animal fans.’ – Bookworm For Kids

‘A fascinating close-up look at the superpowers of various animals from around the globe.’ – Little Readers, Future Leaders

‘The amazing facts about animals really highlight the beautiful diversity in the natural world.’ – Motherhood Moment