Up, Down & Other Opposites: with Ellsworth KellyEllsworth Kelly

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A groundbreaking set of visual opposites for the toddler set, featuring the popular art of Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly's paintings and sculptures take center stage in this creative visual presentation of opposites. The pairings range from together/apart to vertical/horizontal, from full/empty to front/back [of a canvas!], providing readers with both expected and unexpected visual vocabulary. Images include Ellsworth's most famous works, as well as some lesser-known pieces, providing a stunning representation of colors and dimensions. Playfully written and created in partnership with the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation, this unique and stylish concept book marks the fifth title in the First Concepts with Fine Artists series.

Ages 1-3


  • Format: Board Book
  • Size: 204 × 178 mm (8 × 7 in)
  • Pages: 30 pp
  • Illustrations: 30 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714876290

Ellsworth Kelly (1923–2015) was an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker who became known, post-WWII, as one of the country's premiere abstract artists. His work is internationally known, exhibited, awarded, auctioned, and celebrated.

"Introduce your toddler to the world of art."—Baby London

"This chunky board book encourages early learners to point out and engage with different paintings... Iconic images paired with quirky, fun text will capture the minds of adults and budding art enthusiasts alike."—South Wales Evening Post (Swansea)

"A solid addition to your board book collection."—A Mom's Spare Time blog

"A simple introduction to opposites... Very appealing book, most the examples of opposites are large and vibrantly colored. At times, the spare text addresses the readers directly to to encourage the reader to think more about the opposites shown. This, like all the First Concepts with Fine Artists books, is a fun, easy, very playful way to learn basic concepts."—Randomly Reading

"Gorgeous board book exploring opposites through the paintings of American artist Ellsworth Kelly. Makes a nice change from big elephant, little mouse."—Bambinogoodies.co.uk

"Engaging text... This sturdy board book can be used as a laugh point for creative endeavors that expose shape and color."—Curriculum Connections / School Library Journal Newsletter

"This is one of the best of the series. An artful addition."—School Library Journal