Gesa Hansen's Precious Light from our book DIY and now featured in Box #28 from Designer Box

Phaidon teams up with Designerbox

Gesa Hansen's Precious Light, one of the standout pieces in our book DIY, is the next Designerbox edition!

You know how proud we are of our new book, Do It Yourself so you can imagine how pleased we are to team up with the subscription based design company Designerbox who are offering their subscribers one of the works from it, Gesa Hansen’s Lumière Précieuse or Precious Light.

Designerbox is for design lovers, aesthetes and collectors and the merely curious by nature. It was the first commercial website dedicated to design objects sold on a subscription basis. Every month it sends its subscribers an exclusive object, signed by an internationally renowned designer in a beautiful, numbered box. Box #28 this month, will include the constituent parts to assemble Hansen’s Precious Light along with a Wallpaper* City Guide for Paris, New York or Tokyo.

A little background to the contents of Box #28 from Hansen, herself. “When you make something yourself, you make this object your own, it become something personal. A cloche adds something special to whatever you display in it. Light looks really elegant when seen through one,” she says.

Do It Yourself: 50 Projects by Designers and Artists
Do It Yourself: 50 Projects by Designers and Artists

Glass cloches of the kind needed for this desk lamp can be bought on eBay or from flea markets. Hansen, however, found hers in a Paris antique store, while the porcelain bulb fitting came from her father’s tool box. 

The daughter of Danish designer Hans Hansen, Gesa Hansen studied design at the Bauhaus University under Axel Kufus. She went on to work for Jean Nouvel and founded the furniture company The Hansen Family. She lives and works in Paris. Check out DIY in the store and follow the links on the right to join Designerbox.