What’s Jean Jullien up to in 2019?

Video games? An animated series? The artist and Phaidon author runs through his big plans for the New Year

If only all artists were as varied in their output as Jean Jullien. Though he exhibits his drawings and paintings in galleries around the world, he doesn’t limit himself to white cubes. Last year he created clothes, books, badges, animations and magazine illustrations.

Plenty of his pictures deal with adult topics – such as alcohol and work – though plenty more examine more child-friendly subjects, such as ice creams, funny faces and rollercoaster rides. Read on to discover how 2019 was for him, and how he plans to break out into graphic novels and video games in 2019.


A spread from Why the Face?
A spread from Why the Face?

What was the thing that inspired you most in 2018?  Paintings, for sure. 

What was your personal highlight of 2018?  I had a string of painting shows that I was happy with. It was super nice for me to present something new and have a positive response.

What annoyed you most in 2018?  I had a bit of a dry drawing spell when I got fully into painting. I'm not good at multitasking but I'm working on it. I don't want to swap one for the other!

What can we expect from you in 2019?  Well we're working on a very exciting new book with Phaidon that I'm stoked about. Lots more painting but I'm also working on a new series of drawings and a graphic novel, a video game and an animated series.

Who did you give your Phaidon book to for Xmas?  My nephews, because they seem to have been enjoying the previous ones!


Why the Face?
Why the Face?

Do you have any relatives who might also enjoy Jean’s books? Then order his latest, Why the Face?, as well as earlier works such This is Not a Book and Before & After here. In fact, you can buy them all in our specially priced Jean Jullien collection, here.