That Divine Order: Music and the Visual Arts from Antiquity to the Eighteenth CenturyPeter Vergo

This scholarly, yet jargon-free, exploration of the relationship between music and the visual arts examines how that relationship was conceived at various times by practising artists and musicians, by critics and theorists of art


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 245 × 172 mm (9 5/8 × 6 3/4 in)
  • Pages: 304 pp
  • Illustrations: 68 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714843513

Peter Vergo is Professor of Art History and Theory at the University of Essex, a widely respected art historian and author of several books on art and music studies including the classic Art in Vienna 1898-1918, published by Phaidon.

"This is a fine book for students of art and music, which has been thoroughly researched and cogently written. It is also liberally illustrated with monochrome figures and a number of coulour plates."—Musical Opinions

"Over a long period, Peter Vergo has submitted music and the visual arts to sustained comparative analysis. Often on untrodden ground, for a time the only voice in British scholarship in this field, his work is consistently engaging and enlightening... Vergo teases logical sequences from dense histories – for instance the trajectory of Chopin-Delacroix-Baudelaire-Whistler-Debussy... The range and scope of the two volumes That Divine Order and The Music of Painting is astonishing... Together, these two volumes offer a dictionary of the subject that will be invaluable to scholarship for years to come. This latest study not only makes it clear once and for all the significance of the interchange of the arts, but, I would suggest, casts new light on Modernism itself."—The Burlington Magazine