Get collecting and start saving!

Every time you purchase something you’ll automatically collect points which you can spend the next time you buy!

The more points you collect the higher your level of membership and the higher your level of membership the better it gets!

Not only to you collect more points for every £1/$1/€1 you spend at Level 2 and 3 but you will also start experiencing our partner offers and receive invitations to exclusive Phaidon events.

Here’s a breakdown of the points you’ll receive at each level:

Level 1 = 0-1499 points

At Level 1 you’ll collect 10 points with every £1/$1/€1 you spend

Level 2 = 1500-5999 points

When you’ve collected 1500 points you’ll become a Level 2 member and collect 20 points with every £1/$1/€1 you spend

Level 3 = 6000 + points

When you have 6000 points or more you’ll become a Level 3 member, our highest tier of membership. At Level 3 you’ll collect 30 points for every £1/$1/€1 you spend.

Spending the points you’ve collected:

100 points = £1.00 to spend on

You’ll see an option to enter the number of points you’d like to use on your order during the checkout process. Spend your points a little at a time or all at once it’s up to you!

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