Upstate: Living Spaces with Space to LiveLisa Przystup, with photographs by Sarah Elliott

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This inspiring collection of compelling and characterful interiors will have city and country dwellers alike dreaming of carving out a personal haven far beyond the big city

This collection of compelling and characterful interiors in upstate New York presents an inspiring look at life beyond the big city. To daydreaming and design-minded urbanites and country dwellers alike, Upstate offers unique, intimate, and authentic spaces on both sides of the Hudson, ranging from tranquil, minimalist retreats to exuberant small-town residences.

Among them is a farmhouse of globetrotting food photographers, a lavender-hued Victorian brimming with eclectic curios, a stunning cottage with modern furnishings and elegant Georgian bones, and the country-house-on-acid of an artist and art director, complete with giant mushroom side tables and permanently installed party streamers.

Though highly distinctive, the interiors featured share a common ethos: each results from a slow and creative approach to decorating that centers on collections gradually assembled, delights in the handmade, embraces imperfection, and values character and comfort above all.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 262 × 174 mm (10 1/4 × 6 3/4 in)
  • Pages: 224 pp
  • Illustrations: 200 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781580935364

Lisa Przystup is a Brooklyn-based writer whose work has appeared in Domino, T Magazine, and Harper's Bazaar. Formerly the beauty editor at Garance Doré and contributor to the West Elm blog, she and her husband split their time between Greenpoint and their farmhouse in Upstate New York.

Sarah Elliott is an award-winning photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, T Magazine, Marie Claire, Domino, and Monocle, among other publications, and whose client list includes Club Monaco, Bobbi Brown, West Elm, Veuve Clicquot, Veronica Beard, and Goop. Elliott began her career as a photojournalist, and lived in Kenya for six years documenting social issues in Africa with a focus on women.

“Upstate: Living Spaces With Space to Live, featuring gorgeous photography by Sarah Elliott, is an extension of Lisa’s lifelong fascination with interiors, lifestyles, and the emotional concept of ‘home.” - Architectural Digest

“. . . document[s] some of the rural region's most thoughtfully designed, not-so-country homes.” - Martha Stewart Living

“. . . instantly inspiring: page after page of gorgeous interiors, all from homes in Upstate New York.” - Goop

“Rich jewel-toned pages are filled with inspiring photos of 12 upstate New York residences, along with small profiles of the owners - a lesson in storytelling by way of objects and furniture.” - Business of Home

“Whether you are fixing up an old farmhouse or just looking to bring some of that woodsy charm home, Lisa Przystup’s new book, Upstate: Living Spaces With Space to Live, is the ultimate inspiration.” - Domino

“WOW.” - Athena Calderone, Eyeswoon

“[A] beautiful book.” - Alice Gao

“Lisa, a multi-talented writer, florist and model, profiles twelve unique interiors on both sides of the Hudson and with two hundred newly commissioned photographs by Sarah Elliott.” - Design Milk

“[A] handsome book. . . . For all their eccentricities, the projects seem to share an atmosphere of secure personal taste, comfort, and relaxation. Their characters are clearly presented by the author’s deft and appreciative descriptions and the fine photography of Sarah Elliott.” - Interior Design

“I have a brand new favorite when it comes to design books. . . . Inspired by Lisa’s move from Brooklyn to New York’s Catskills, it’s an inspiring look at what life upstate might be like with uniquely personal home tours of twelve creative interiors on both sides of the Hudson River. . . . [A] great addition to your design library.” - sfgirlbybay

“Looking for an escape without having to leave the living room? Upstate: Living Spaces With Space To Live offers just that. The gorgeous, linen-bound book invites you in to view artful, one-of-a-kind spaces in upstate New York.” —Lonny “[A] fantastic book.” - Atelier Doré

"Beautiful homes." - Nicole Franzen

"So much beauty in this." - Camille Styles

"Beautiful." - Amber Lewis, Amber Interiors

“[Features] 12 deeply cool homes in various states of “rusticity,” packed with enviable furniture and collection.” - Canadian House & Home

“[This book] comes at a time when daydreaming of open-aired simplicity is a recurring commonality - combine that with her authentic take on seasonal living, and you’ll be pining after your own upstate New York getaway.” - Jenni Kayne blog

“Takes the reader to everything from tranquil minimalist retreats to exuberant small-town residences.” - Scout & Nimble

“Anyone who is currently working from home in a city apartment cannot deny their inner fantasy of hunkering down somewhere upstate where there is actual space to breathe. Here’s a little inspiration if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle.” - Coveteur