Artfully Modern: Interiors by Richard MishaanRichard Mishaan. Written with Judith Nasatir

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The follow-up volume to Richard Mishaan's first monograph, Modern Luxury, showcasing the AD100 designer's most outstanding projects of the past five years.

Interior designer Richard Mishaan believes that all furniture and decorative accessories with inherently good form can be combined successfully regardless of style, period, or price. He creates exuberant, bold, glamorous spaces known for their masterful use of art that are nevertheless comfortable above all.

In his work, every room is treated to at least one small luxury: bespoke embroidery on a wall covering, a shimmery midcentury Murano-glass chandelier, or a screen covered in wallpaper patterned like malachite. Mishaan believes that the best interiors are layered and rich. He skillfully brings together furnishings and objects from myriad eras - Italian neoclassic, seventeenth-century French, African tribal, Art Deco, Biedermeier - in a contemporary fusion style that has become his signature.

This volume covers Mishaan’s best work since 2009 and includes a dozen spaces of every scale, from gemlike city apartments to Hamptons estates and the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel. Throughout, he weaves tips on how to live well in any size dwelling; full-color photography illustrates his ideas for truly personalizing spaces and for injecting areas devoted completely to comfort in every room.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 303 × 239 mm (1159/64 × 913/32 in)
  • Pages: 272 pp
  • Illustrations: 200 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781580934008

Richard Mishaan is the head of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior design and architecture firm in New York City. He also designs a collection of furniture for his design store, Homer, and is an Architectural Digest Top 100 designer. He received a BA from New York University and attended the Columbia University School of Architecture, then began his career by apprenticing in the office of Philip Johnson. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest,Elle Decor,Interior Design, the New York Times,InStyle,Veranda, and Traditional Home. He is also the author of Modern Luxury(2009).

‘The refreshing voice of designer Richard Mishaan echoes throughout his monograph, Artfully Modern. In addition to residential work, including his own homes in Manhattan and Cartagena, Colombia, the book includes his hotel commission for the presidential suite at the St. Regis in New York, all with special emphasis on the artwork that defines these spaces.’ - Architectural Digest

‘An Alexander Calder next to a 16th-century mirror? A set of Damien Hirst kaleidoscope prints above a 1930s commode? All in a day’s work for Richard Mishaan, the Colombian-born designer known for exuberant interiors that mix eras and objects with elegance and impunity. Throughout the book are many show stopping moments, from a powder room covered in startling Fornasetti wallpaper to the 500-year-old ceiling of the designer’s second home in Cartagena, Colombia. This is design as high-wire act.’ - Lonny

‘In a city that the world’s One Percent has turned into its real estate playground, there’s a lot of temptation for top decorators to operate on autopilot. For many clients, a random assortment of the most expensive design options would be perfectly fine. That’s why the approach of interiors guru Richard Mishaan, on display in his just-released second book, Artfully Modern, looks and feels a little different. To be sure, the book is thoroughly high-end, but Mishaan has a more populist take than you might guess.’ - New York Post

‘The book is divided into four chapters, each expressing Mishaan’s various points of view on design. Minimalism is not for Mishaan. Beige is barely in his vocabulary. And monochrome doesn’t enter his mind. Think bracing colors, a vast and varied array of objects and art and an unapologetic sense of fun.’ - 1st Dibs Introspective