White Light: Heiberg Cummings DesignBernt Heiberg and William Cummings

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Inspired by contrasts between Norway, Europe, and the United States, Bernt Heiberg and Bill Cummings focus on a modern Scandinavian mode of living blended with a continental, sophisticated style. With a flair for elegant details, their personal signature is a fusion of light, spaciousness, and muted colors that resonates with contemporary taste

Norway and New York City-based interior designers Bernt Heiberg and Bill Cummings of Heiberg Cummings Design bring both an eye for Scandinavian minimalism and an appreciation for a traditional American aesthetic to each of their projects.

Bernt and Bill value individual expression above all, and are profoundly inspired by their clients’ own tastes and personalities. Whether reimagining a secluded home in the country or an apartment looking out over the skyline of Manhattan, the firm tailors each space to its unique inhabitants. With a flair for elegant details, their personal signature is a fusion of light, spaciousness, and muted colors that resonates with contemporary taste.

This spirit is evident in this lavishly illustrated book, which includes a combination of formal essays and handwritten notes detailing Bernt and Bill’s inspirations and thought processes, as well as snapshots of glamorous events and locations. The whimsical text combined with the vivid mix of color, black and white, and collage-style prints perfectly illustrate the eclectic style of this up and coming design firm.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 340 × 263 mm (1325/64 × 1023/64 in)
  • Pages: 304 pp
  • Illustrations: 300 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781580933476

Bernt Heiberg is an interior designer, born and educated in Oslo, Norway, and co-founder of Heiberg Cummings Design along with William Cummings, an American designer and author. Since their collaboration began in 1990, their design firm has expanded to include an office in Oslo and in New York, with projects spanning the globe. In addition to their design practice, Bernt and Bill extend their creative impulses to include art installations and performance art. Their work has been featured in House & Garden, New York Spaces, Better Homes, and Veranda, and they have authored two books, Koselig and Modern Country.

'Found two men in your bathtub? It's all right... it's the design duo Bernt Heiberg and William Cummings. Based in Oslo and New York, the two bring a Scandinavian flair to their commissions.... With neutral colors, antiques and international finds, White Light: Heiberg Cummings Design features their hand-written design notes, graphic black-and-white photography, and image upon image of cool (but never chilly) rooms.' - New York Observer

'A sumptuous new monograph.... conveys a sense of tactility and poetry. Keith Scott Morton's photographs capture the rumpled organic comfort of Belgian linen, the cool smoothness of soapstone eggs sitting in a silver dish, the integrity of well-oiled wood.' - 1st Dibs