Dror Dreams: Design Without BoundariesDror Benshetrit, with a foreword by Aric Chen

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Dror Benshetrit's massively successful design for brands like Tumi, Rosenthal, and Cappellini and his next phase of visionary large-scale projects are now assembled in this debut monograph

Since 2002, Dror Benshetrit has developed an interdisciplinary practice specializing in truly innovative design projects. His multifaceted approach to design at wildly varying scales and concepts encompass product design, interior design, graphic design, and architecture. In this survey of Dror Benshetrit's first fifteen years of practice, readers are introduced to an ingenious design practice that started with household objects and furniture, to a collaborator with top brands such as Tumi, Rosenthal, Cappellini, and Bentley, and has since evolved into a visionary architecture office.

Dror Dreams showcases the evolution of the designer's work, reflecting the diversification of his practice over time and the profound results that stem from its holistic approach. Told in his own approachable voice, charting his path from impassioned novice to ambitious ideator, Dror shares the conceptual origins and process behind his projects, as well as marking successes, failures, and conclusions. Dror seeks to communicate the value of creativity without limitation, promote the importance of collaboration, and through example inspire tomorrow's designers to dream big.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 299 × 285 mm ( × in)
  • Pages: 400 pp
  • Illustrations: 450 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781580935210

Dror Benshetrit is a designer, thinker, dreamer, and futurist. He has amassed an award-winning portfolio of product design, interiors, architecture, and city planning--all before the age of 40. Together with his team of designers, artists, architects, researchers, and communicators, he tackles ambitious projects to foster authentic connections and wellbeing. His holistic practice--named one of the most innovative companies in design by Fast Company--intentionally works across all scales, blurring boundaries with each project. His partners and clients include Alessi, Bentley, Rosenthal, Swarovski, Louis Vuitton, Target, Puma, and NASA.

Aric Chen is a curator, critic, and curatorial director of the Design Miami in Florida and Basel. Formerly the Lead Curator for Design and Architecture at M+, a museum of visual culture in Hong Kong's West Kowloon Cultural District, he was inaugural Creative Director of Beijing Design Week and has organized exhibitions and projects at museums and biennials internationally. He has written for numerous publications including The New York Times, Monocle, Architectural Record, and PIN-UP. He is the author of Brazil Modern (The Monacelli Press).