Brazil Modern: The Rediscovery of Twentieth-Century Brazilian FurnitureAric Chen, with an introduction by Zesty Meyers

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A stunning survey of modernist furniture from Brazil, a global design center from midcentury to today

Brazil has long cultivated a modernist tradition in architecture and the arts, but little of its midcentury design has been seen outside of the country until recently. A major historical research project by premier design gallery R & Company with more than 400 historic images and new photography, Brazil Modern surveys the history and legacy of this innovative and sensual design tradition.

Featuring such titans as Lina Bo Bardi, Oscar Niemeyer, and Sergio Rodrigues, as well as numerous designers whose work and reputations rarely reached foreign shores, Brazil Modern is the first comprehensive guide to this untapped vein of modernist design.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 228 × 280 mm (11 × 9 in)
  • Pages: 304 pp
  • Illustrations: 325 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781580934442

Aric Chen is the general and artistic director of Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam, former curatorial director of Design Miami, and founding curator of design and architecture at M+, Hong Kong.

Zesty Meyers is cofounder of the premier design gallery R & Company, which promotes a close study, appreciation, and preservation of twentieth and twenty-first century design.