How to Draw Sci-Fi Heroes and VillainsPrentis Rollins, with additional texts by Jacqueline Ching

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Brainstorm, Design, and Bring to Life Teams of Cosmic Characters, Atrocious Androids, Celestial Creatures – and Much, Much More! From a renowned illustrator of DC and Marvel comic books, an engaging full-color instruction book for teens and adults alike

This is an art instruction book filled with original, full-color art and step-by-step instructional texts, teaching burgeoning artists of all ages how to conceptualize, design, and draw their own science-fiction characters, good and evil, from fantastical realms of their imagination – including how to colorize characters, draw anatomical poses, and create inventive costumes. The book will also feature supplementary inspirational images culled from movies, TV, history, and pop culture.

From the same author as the bestselling How to Draw Sci-Fi Utopias and Dystopias, Prentis Rollins, veteran illustrator of DC and Marvel Comics, teaches artists of all ages the fundamentals of drawing imaginative ‘good’ and ‘evil’ science-fiction characters.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 254 × 216 mm (10 × 8.5 in)
  • Pages: 220 pp
  • Illustrations: 100 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781580936187

Prentis Rollins is a longtime illustrator in the American comics industry. He wrote How to Draw Sci-fi Utopias and Dystopias (Monacelli Press, 2016), is the author of several graphic novels, and has taught pen-and-ink drawing at The School of Visual Arts.

Jacqueline Ching is a children’s book editor and author, who has written for Disney, Powerkids Press, Time for Kids, and the Milestone/DC line of superhero comics.