STILL: The Art of NoticingMary Jo Hoffman

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The astonishing culmination of the artist-author’s decade-plus project to capture beauty, commemorate place, and see the world more fully

Every day (every single day) for over a decade, Mary Jo Hoffman has made a photograph of found nature – no subject too small or too ordinary. For Hoffman, a former aeronautical engineer, this daily ritual cracked open profound revelations about the connectedness of all things, the importance of place, and her own life.

This book shares a selection of the breathtaking photographs from Hoffman’s enormous archive, accompanied by perceptive, deeply felt, and oftentimes humorous essays illuminating the insights gained through this daily creative practice. STILL features 275 of the most stunning photographs the author-artist has accumulated over thousands of consecutive days of daily shooting – a true feast for the senses.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 273 × 216 mm (10 3/4 × 8 1/2 in)
  • Pages: 318 pp
  • Illustrations: 275 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9781580936330

Mary Jo Hoffman is an aeronautical engineer–turned-artist. Since beginning her artistic practice and founding the blog, STILL, she and her project have been featured in Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes & Gardens, among other publications, and she has collaborated with West Elm, Target, the United States Botanic Garden, and the Scottish National Opera.

‘So many stunning images’ – Minnesota Monthly

‘These photos provide a snapshot into a decades-long creative endeavour celebrating the beauty of the natural world.’ - New Scientist

‘Mary Jo Hoffman seeks beauty in nature’s smallest details.’ – Mpls St Paul Home & Design Magazine

‘A beautifully executed volume that, in an era of continuous digital stimulation, encourages readers to pause, revel in the beauty of small, often overlooked things, and enjoy a moment of respite. Bliss.’ – Homes & Interiors Scotland

‘Her gorgeous new book may inspire you to find your own daily practice. . . The images are stunning. (This is a book to drink in.) But don’t skip past the words. Hoffman’s intimate, engaging essays opened my mind to new ways of thinking about the natural world and the creative process.’ – Midwest Living

This decade-plus project offers intentionality and reprieve from the busy routines we’ve grown accustomed to. – Midwest Home

Still: The Art of Noticing shares a curated collection of photographs from Mary Jo's enormous archive, accompanied by deeply felt and oftentimes humorous essays illuminating the insights gained through her daily creative practice.’ – SF Girl by Bay