Where to Drink Coffee, and Stumptown's famous Hair Bender blend

Where to Drink Coffee and a bean-roasters' subscription – a gift for caffeine lovers

Combine these two gifts and the coffee lover in your life need never drink a bad cup again, either at home or away

Gift a copy of our new book, Where to Drink Coffee, and the recipient need never drink a cup of chain-café blandness ever again. The book is a perfect gift for coffee lovers, with over 600 recommended cafés and coffee shops in 50 countries around the world.

Every spot is recommended by experts, and it covers cafés, bakeries, and restaurants, as well as more surprising spots, including a video store and a car-repair garage.


Stumptown's cofee roasting. Image courtesy of Stumptown
Stumptown's cofee roasting. Image courtesy of Stumptown

The only place left for bad coffee, is, well, at home. And that’s why, if you’re buying gifts for a coffee lover, it’s a good idea to combine Where to Drink Coffee with a regular, mail-order coffee-bean subscription.

In the US, Stumptown Coffee Roasters offers coffee lovers fresh, whole-bean, mail-order subscriptions, from an 8 oz. bag every fortnight, through to 3 x 12 oz. bags dropping through the mail every two weeks. You can give just a few months’ supply, or a full year.



In the UK, Union hand-roasted coffees offers similar subscriptions, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Their speciality coffee club offers a range of blends, single-lot and micro-origin coffees; you can choose a flavour profile, and subscribers can stop or skip your subscription whenever they like.

Combine these two gifts, and you’ve got your coffee lover covered, at home and away. Subscribe to Stumptown here, Union here, and order a copy of Where to Drink Coffee here.