Laura Carlin

How was 2014 for Laura Carlin?

The author of our new book for younger readers made a tile wall in East London and prepared for her solo show

A lot of our fine-art books try to make sense of the great works of the world, but a few encourage readers to try and make pieces of their own. Laura Carlin’s 2014 Phaidon debut, A World of Your Own, was one such title. Aimed at a younger audience, it asks such eternal questions as "if you were creating a world of your own, what would it look like?" There follows houses made of jelly, shoe shops for superheroes and dinosaur rides. 

All this is in keeping with Carlin’s wonderful, winsome creations. The award-winning illustrator holds an advisory role at Quentin Blake's House of Illustration, has had her work featured in Vogue, The Guardian and The Observer and has worked for the likes of Uniqlo and the Folio Society. 

Yet, as she explains below, it’s her new Phaidon book, her work for the Beckton Community Centre, and her forthcoming solo exhibition, that gave Laura her greatest pleasure last year.


A spread from Laura's new Phaidon book, A World of Your Own
A spread from Laura's new Phaidon book, A World of Your Own

__What was the thing that inspired you most in 2014? __

“Working with a brilliant group of women on a tile mural in Beckton Community Centre. Working on your own as an illustrator, your world can become very small (and a little indulgent.) This workshop was like a kick up the backside, and I learned a lot from the women and the other organisers.”


Laura's tiles for the Beckton Community Centre
Laura's tiles for the Beckton Community Centre

__What was your personal working highlight of 2014? __

“Definitely publishing my first book with Phaidon! It’s been a great honour to bring a book out with a publisher whose books I’ve long admired.” 

What can we expect from you in 2015?

“I’m really looking forward to having a show of both drawings and ceramics at the House Of Illustration in September - not far from Phaidon's London office. Other than that, I hope to continue with the ideas begun in A World Of Your Own.”

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