René Redzepi live in San Francisco - video exclusive

The 50 Best winner toured with a series of films on his creativity last year - you can watch them exclusively here
René Redzepi
René Redzepi




In honour of Noma topping the 50 Best Restaurants list for the fourth time, we thought it was high time to unveil a special treat we've been reserving for the right moment. On 19 November 2013 we shot the video below with Noma chef René Redzepi at San Francisco’s Castro Theatre. It was the closing night of a tour that saw him traverse Europe, Australia and the US.

In the video footage, Redzepi reads from his personal journal, published as part of the three volume set A Work In Progress, and discusses creativity,  innovation and the meaning of success. The video also includes an on-stage introduction by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich who wrote a great foreward for A Work In Progress. This fascinating footage provides a unique, and relevant look inside the mind of the world’s best chef.


Indeed, it's pretty heady stuff. The film gives real insight into the kind of creative tribulations captured in A Work In Progress. This three-book set documents the crossroads the chef had reached at that point in his career, after the elation of topping the 50 Best list, but worn out from gruelling, 90-hour working weeks.

He thought about quitting all together, but instead pushed both himself and his staff to even greater heights. In common with A Work In Progress, the film explains how René got to the better place that enabled last night's win. After you've watched the footage learn more about Redzepi's life and work by taking a look at A Work In Progress and Noma, here.


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René Redzepi: A Work in Progress

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