Stephen Shore: A Road Trip Journal

A highly collectable, limited facsimile edition.

Stephen Shore


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  • Stephen Shore is one of the most pioneering and influential photographers of the twentieth century, best-known for his photographs of vernacular America taken in the early 1970s
  • This special, highly collectible limited edition book is the only complete documentation of Shore’s month-long road trip across America in 1973 featuring a reproduction of every page of the journal he made on this trip and every photograph taken
  • Shore recorded every detail of his road trip in this journal which featured his own photographs and lists of information like where he stayed, what he ate, what he watched on the television, how many photographs he took, as well as ephemera such as receipts and postcards
  • This beautifully designed book is the same format as Shore’s original journal with each page faithfully reproduced and followed by a section of plates showing each photograph taken on the trip, including small town high streets, plates of food, toilets, beds, hotel rooms and portraits of locals and friends
  • The photographs Shore made on this trip are only published in full here although they also form part of his seminal body of work Uncommon Places which, along with American Surfaces, paved the way for the work of famous photographers of the ‘ordinary’ and ‘everyday’ such as Martin Parr, Thomas Struth and Nan Goldin
  • Each individually numbered book is signed by Shore and includes a short text on the history of the road trip written by the photographer. A full set of the postcards that Shore made and distributed secretly in local shops' racks during his travels are also reproduced to ensure this is a complete record of the trip, and an essential title for photobook collectors, photography enthusiast, or for anyone interested in American popular culture
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About the book
Stephen Shore is one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century. A pioneer of colour photography, his photographs of everyday American scenes paved the way for future art photographers like Martin Parr, Nan Goldin and Thomas Struth. This special, highly collectible, limited edition book – numbered and signed by the photographer – is a complete reproduction of the journal that Shore made on a month-long American road trip in 1973, during which he began work on his influential project Uncommon Places. In the journal Shore included his own photographs, lists detailing information on his travels like where he stayed, what he ate, how many miles he drove, and various ephemera like receipts and postcards. Each page of the journal is reproduced along with a plate section featuring every photograph he took on his journey to provide the complete story of the journey at this seminal moment in his career. The book also includes a set of postcards, reproductions of cards that Shore himself made and distributed on his journey, to ensure this is an essential title for any collector, photography enthusiast, or student.

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About the author(s)
At the age of 17, Stephen Shore (b.1947) was a regular at Andy Warhol's Factory. By the age of 23 he became the first living photographer to have a one-man show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. An unrivalled pioneer in his field, his work has been exhibited in numerous museums worldwide and influenced generations of photographers. In 1982 he was appointed Director of the Photography Program at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, where he is the Susan Weber Soros Professor in the Arts.


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