The Art Book

An introduction to 500 artists from medieval to modern times.

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The Art Book

  • An award-winning A to Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times
  • A celebrated landmark in the art book world, published in more than 20 languages
  • Each entry includes a full-page, colour reproduction of the artist's representative work and a concise descriptive text
  • Debunks art-historical classifications by juxtaposing brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques
  • Glossaries of artistic movements and technical terms make this a valuable work of reference
  • This compact mini version presents the whole package in an easily portable format
  • Also available in midi and hardback formats


About the book

The Art Book is the first ever fully-illustrated art dictionary. It presents an abundance of famous, varied and colourful images by 500 of the greatest artists from the Middle Ages to the present day. Arranged in alphabetical order by artist, it is amazingly easy to use. With one full page, representative image per artist and an informative text that discusses the work in detail as well as offering information about its creator, The Art Book is both educational and fun.

Presenting an entirely fresh way of looking at art, this book is an invaluable resource for reference and inspiration in every home, school, library or studio. Ideal for anyone new to art, it also serves as a visual sourcebook for teachers and designers, and will be a constant source of stimulus and delight for anyone wishing to look at art in a new light.

Winner of the Illustrated Book of the Year award in 1994, The Art Book has been an outstanding success and become a universally acclaimed landmark in the world of art. Now published in over 20 different languages and also in mini, midi and hardback formats, it has received rave reviews from countless newspapers and magazines and has made many appearances on the bestseller lists.

Complemented by The 20th Century Art Book and The American Art Book, its unique approach brings art to life, in all its magnificent diversity. An A-Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times, it debunks art-historical classifications by throwing together brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques.

In The Press
'An anthology crackling with visual energy.' (The Times)

'A fat, fun volume.' (Newsweek)

'This season's most interesting and accessible reference book.' (Harpers Bazaar)

'Big, fun, well-designed guide to 500 favorite painters and sculptors.' (Wall Street Journal)

'A must for beginners and art critics alike - believe me!' (What's On)

'The art book of the year.' (Art and Craft Magazine)

'Beautifully designed. Thoroughly cross-referenced, the book presents a fresh perspective and is fantastic value.' (The Good Book Guide)

'The Art Book which succeeded in bringing an enormously convoluted subject matter to a mass audience without...compromise.' (The Inverness Courier)

'The ultimate art bluffer’s book has arrived.' (Options)

'It’s an illuminating way of looking at art; and hard to put down!' (Leisure Painter)

'This is the perfect book...something which you can buy and never regret. Dip into it occasionally and you’ll emerge with a slight edge in Trivial Pursuit, but it can also take you by the hand and explain what can seem like a whole different world. Ten stars, or something.' (Oxford Student)

'As a visual source book, its first class and gives you a quick tour of art history without necessarily leaving your chair. If art is a new interest, it’s a great place to start but it will also be welcomed by regular gallery goers and students of art history.' (Brisbane News)

'It's so nicely executed that it’s a pleasure to look at and flick through, and acts very well as a springboard to send you off to look for more of their work.' (Mail on Sunday) 

'A new way of looking at art.' (Yorkshire Evening Press)

'Presents a fresh perspective for those new to the study of art.' (The Good Book Guide)

'As close to perfection as you’ll get.' (The Bookseller)

'Brilliantly eccentric.' (Marie Claire)

About the author(s)
This compilation draws together the research and works of a broad selection of curators, critics, artists and academics.


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