A masterful account of the life and work of Piet Mondrian.

John Milner


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  • A masterful account of the life and work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872–1944), whose abstract compositions are landmarks of Modernist painting
  • Illustrates all of Mondrian's key works, from his early studies of landscapes and flowers to his experiments with pointillist colour and spare seascapes, to his discovery of Cubism and beyond
  • Examines the artist's working process and explores the tension between the brilliantly disciplined compositions and their underlying subject matter
  • More than a monograph, it's an essential study of the evolution of abstract art in the 20th century

In The Press
'A splendid book, and one we needed. The presentation is as good as can be with plates close to where the works are discussed.' (Royal Academy Magazine)

About the author(s)
John Milner is a Professor in the Department of Fine Art at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.


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