Diener & Diener

The only monograph on the Swiss architecture firm Diener & Diener.

Roger Diener, Joseph Abram, Martin Steinmann


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  • The only available monograph on the internationally acclaimed architecture practice of Diener & Diener
  • Features Diener & Diener’s best-known projects, such as the Novartis Forum 3 in Basel and the Swiss Embassy in Berlin, as well as smaller but equally beautiful projects including the 1998 Swiss Pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • Includes Roger Diener’s selection of over 40 projects, drawn from over 30 years of practice, each described in detail and illustrated with a wealth of never-before-published visual material taken from Diener & Diener’s archives
  • Contains essays by Martin Steinmann and Joseph Abram illuminating the important ideas about history, urbanism and Modernism that lie behind Diener & Diener’s architecture, as well as Roger Diener’s own writing

Roger Diener on Diener & Diener - the only monograph
Diener and Diener

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About the book
This will be the only available monograph on the remarkable architecture of the Swiss practice of Diener & Diener. Known for their subtle, sophisticated Modernist buildings and town plans, Diener & Diener have recently begun to design buildings that add a new lightness and liveliness to the geometric rigor and intellectual clarity that have always characterized their deigns. This book will cover the more than 30 years that the firm has practiced with a selection of over 40 key buildings illustrated with a wealth of material from the firm’s archives, as well as Roger Diener’s own writings and essays by prominent architectural historians Martin Steinmann and Joseph Abrams.


About the author(s)
Roger Diener is the principle of Diener & Diener, the architecture firm established by his father, Marcus Diener, in 1948. He has taught at ETH Zurich, where he is a tenured professor for architecture and design, since 1999, and he has been a visiting professor at Harvard’s Graduate School for Design, the School of Architecture in Vienna, and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He has won the Medaille d’Or from the Académie Français among many other awards, and his work and his writings have both been published exensively.

Joseph Abram is a Swiss author and architectural historian who has written widely on modernist architecture. He is a professor at the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Nancy in France.

Martin Steinmann is an architect and architectural historian. He is a professor of architecture at ETH Zurich and has taught at ETH Lausanne and MIT in Cambridge. He has written extensively on Swiss modernist architecture and particularly on the Ticino region.


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