Have you seen Elliott Erwitt's walking stick?

Celebrated photographer collaborates with Milan designers Danese on old school yet innovative walking aid
Eliott - Elliott Erwitt 2013 Crowd Control for Danese
Eliott - Elliott Erwitt 2013 Crowd Control for Danese




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Phaidon photographer Elliott Erwitt is known for his quirky images of street life. Now he's brought an element of that quirkiness into three dimensional form by collaborating on a walking stick with Milan designers Danese.

As you can see, Elliott has taken a satisfactorily old school approach to the walking aid, Elliott, Crowd Control by kitting it out with a bicycle horn to help the user cut through crowds or warn of their presence.


Elliott Erwitt photographed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Elliott Erwitt photographed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Danese says: “'Elliott' is the result of a joint creative project carried out by Carlotta de Bevilacqua and Elliott Erwitt. It is a walking stick provided with a small trumpet that the great photographer has created personally for his own use. With irony, existing functional elements are combined together. It is a useful support that helps him walk, make his way through crowds and attract attention. An old bicycle model trumpet is placed near the handle of a classic walking stick. Inspired by the art of Duchamp and his idea of a ready-made object, Danese resumes this useful element and successfully combines it with another archetype."

According to Danese the trumpet can sit alongside a lamp, also by bicycle, to increase the functionality of this unusual instrument - essential when returning from those late night shoots we imagine. You can see more examples of Erwitt's wit and imagination in Snaps Abridged Edition, our recently updated and republished book of his work.


  • Elliott Erwitt Snaps
  • Elliott Erwitt Snaps
  • Elliott Erwitt Snaps
One of the leading photographers of his generation, Elliott Erwitt (b.1928) has been taking pictures since the late 1940s. A member of the prestigious Magnum agency since 1954, he has photographed all over the world and his images have been the subject of many books and exhibitions.

Containing over 500 pictures, over half of which have never been published before, Elliott Erwitt Snaps is a unique and comprehensive survey of his work. From famous images such as Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon arguing in Moscow in 1959 and Marilyn Monroe with the cast of the movie The Misfits, to his many more personal images of places, things, people and animals, Erwitt's unmistakable, often witty, style gives us a snapshot of the famous and the ordinary, the strange and the mundane over a period of more than half a century, through the lens of one of the period's finest image-makers.

Elliott Erwitt Snaps Abridged edition


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