Joel Meyerowitz - 'What you put in the frame determines the photograph' - new video interview

Joel Meyerowitz
Joel Meyerowitz




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One of the many things we're consistently overwhelmed by as we return time and again to Joel Meyerowitz's new book Taking My Time is his ability to establish an unspoken, unacknowledged sometimes unknown yet imminent relationship between the subjects caught in his camera lens. And that's something that Joel speaks about in today's video interview - the understanding that the world continues outside the frame, that what the photographer puts in and what the photographer leaves out are in Joel's words "what determines the potential and meaning of the photograph."


Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz

"If my pictures work at all, at their best they suggest these tenuous relationships," the photographer says, adding: "I want the ephemeral connections between unrelated things to vibrate." If you're a photographer the video below will really make you look at composition in an entirely different way. Watch it and then take a look at Taking My Time in the store.



  • Taking My Time
  • Taking My Time
  • Taking My Time
Taking My Time is the retrospective monograph covering the life and career of Joel Meyerowitz and provides you with an unprecedented insight into the mind and work of this iconic American photographer.

This two-volume limited edition is presented in a slipcase and includes a signed print (Paris, France, 1967), a DVD of Meyerowitz’s award-winning film, Pop, a unique 'graphic novel' insert that tells the story of Pop and a second insert for Meyerowitz's lesson in colour versus black and white photography.

Showing the growth and development of Meyerowitz and his photography from the 1960s to the present day, Taking My Time explores the pivotal points of Meyerowitz’s career and his experiments in both colour and black and white photography and explorations of human intimacy, architecture, light and space. Including text that Meyerowitz, one of photography’s most articulate practitioners, has contributed, Taking My Time is a unique body of work and an unbeatable account of a significant period of evolution in photography.

Joel Meyerowitz: Taking My Time


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