The Art Book Challenge

Take part in our real life interactive art quiz and win a fantastic Phaidon art library

On November 3, at London's bustling St. Pancras International, we're giving you the chance to spell the names of some of the world's greatest ever artists.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, sure, we all know how to spell Manet, Monet and Klee. But The Art Book Challenge isn't quite as easy as that.

First of all, you and your team (six people at most!) will be asked to create as many artist names as you can using humungous inflatable cubes. Secondly, you've got to do it within a space of two minutes!

The team who manages to build the most artist names will win a fantastic Phaidon Art Library, not to mention some serious kudos from art lovers everywhere.

This is a live interactive quiz with a difference. If you think you've got the art knowledge it takes to challenge for the title – or even if you just fancy shifting huge inflatable cubes about – come down and have a go.

The Art Book Challenge at London's St Pancras International (outside Foyles) will begin at 11am on Saturday November 3.


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