Earthsong Postcards Photographs by Bernhard Edmaier

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These breathtaking new postcards capture the beauty of the unspoiled areas of our planet. The fifty cards feature a selection of pictures taken from Bernhard Edmaier's bestselling book Earthsong. The images chosen reflect the four major environments that cover the earth's surface - Aqua (water), Arid (desert), Green (forest and grassland) and Barren (tundra). In these cards Edmaier presents us with the frozen ice of the arctic next to barren deserts; the lush green forests and rivers of Europe beside South American volcanic lakes and the sapphire seas of the Bahamas against the salt lakes of California.

Edmaier's photographs show locations around the world and demonstrate that there are still corners of the earth untouched by human influence, where nature rules and natural phenomena such as volcanoes, glaciers, desert sand dunes and rivers dominate and define the landscape. Photographed from the air, vast natural patterns of the earth are revealed to us in their unique beauty, showing phenomena that may last for only a few brief moments or remain for millions of years to come. Specifications:

  • Format: Card Box
  • Size: 161 x 161 mm (6 3/8 x 6 3/8 in)
  • Pages: 50 pp
  • ISBN: 9780714845913

Bernhard Edmaier (b. 1957) trained as a civil engineer and geologist and has photographed the earth's surface for over 15 years. His extraordinary photographs are the result of meticulously planned and researched expeditions that take him from the endless deserts of Africa to the ice plains of Iceland and the coral cliffs of the Great Barrier Reef. His abstractly beautiful compositions offer an awe-inspiring view of our planet.


"Stunning."—Sunday Times

"Can send you into a trance of eloquent natural geometry.."—Daily Telegraph

"Spectacular."—Daily Telegraph, Travel supplement

"Reveals the geological forces that continue to shape our planet... The shapes and colours are startling."—Daily Telegraph

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