China, The Cookbook: Kei Lum Chan & Diora Fong Chan

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The definitive cookbook bible of the world’s most popular and oldest cuisine

"China The Cookbook is a magnificent insight into the history of Chinese cuisine. I will treasure it in my collection and it will be no doubt be used as valuable reference for many years to come." —Ken Hom OBE,Chef, author and tv presenter

In the tradition of bestsellers including Mexico and The Nordic Cookbook comes the next title in the multimillion-selling national cuisine series, China: The Cookbook. Featuring more than 650 recipes for delicious and authentic Chinese dishes for the home kitchen, this impressive and authoritative book showcases the culinary diversity of the world’s richest and oldest cuisines with recipes from the 33 regions and sub-regions.

China: The Cookbook celebrates popular staples such as Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs and Dim Sum, as well as lesser-known regional classics like Fujian Fried Rice and Jiangsu’s Drunken Chicken, and features additional selected recipes from star chefs from around the world.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 270 x 180 mm (10 5/8 x 7 1/8 in)
  • Pages: 720 pp
  • Illustrations: 150 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714872247

With an extensive knowledge of all eight major regional Chinese cuisines, Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan are bestselling authors, regarded as top culinary authorities within China. Kei Lum Chan is the son of Mr. Mong Yan Chan, a Chinese journalist and critic, who authored Food Classics, a series that has had a huge influence on Chinese culinary culture.

As featured in The Daily Telegraph, Departures, Newsweek, OUT, Saga, the San Antonio Express-News, Saveur, the South China Morning Post, The Sunday Times, The Vancouver Sun, Wallpaper, and on The A.V. Club, Tastebook, and Tasting Table; heard on 300 NPR stations nationwide on PRI's The World, BBC Radio 4, Portland's KLCK Gorge News Center, and Heritage Radio; seen on Seattle's New Day Northwest/KING-TV

"China The Cookbook is a magnificent insight into the history of Chinese cuisine. I will treasure it in my collection and it will be no doubt be used as valuable reference for many years to come." —Ken Hom OBE, Chef, author and tv presenter

"Don’t miss Phaidon’s classic China: The Cookbook by Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan. Beautifully designed and sumptuously photographed, it includes hundreds of regional recipes, as well as sections on techniques, history and equipment." —Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday

"[A] hefty and vital resource... This is a book dedicated to practicality... The majority of the book's recipes are succinct and easy to shop for... Indispensable." —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review *

"A serious approach to this complex cuisine in a gorgeously collectible book." —Harper's Bazaar

"Sweet and sour pork from the local Chinese restaurant still Mum's secret shame? Up her home-cooking game, and let your stomach reap the rewards." —Elle

"It's hard to imagine the amount of work that must go into distilling the food of a country as wide and diverse as China into a single cookbook. It seems an impossible task, really, and yet Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan have pulled it off with aplomb... a comprehensive resource for any lover of Chinese cuisine." —Departures

"If Guinness World Records 2017 were to have a section on the largest number of recipes collected, written and tested in a year, married writing partners Kei Lum Chan and Diora Fong Chan might step up for the prize... As well as being a definitive reference book, China: The Cookbook is intended as a manual for the home cook." —Newsweek online

"A husband and wife team have written the definitive Chinese cookbook, with recipes from all of the country's major cuisines, as well as lesser known dishes from Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia." —South China Morning Post (China)

"Discover the breadth of China's cuisine... Suitable for novices as well experts." —The Sunday Times, The Dish

"Curiosity about Chinese food continues to grow... If you haven't a clue where to begin, here is your starting point. The design - clean-, spare - makes the content approachable... There are classic recipes - sweet and sour ribs, for example - and lesser known ones too, such as the irresistible Jiangsu's drunken chicken." —The Daily Telegraph, Weekend

"The secrets of Chinese cooking have been demystified by Diora Fong Chan and Kei Lum Chan." —Prestige

"One of the most comprehensive tomes yet on Chinese food... An extraordinary endeavor." —Legend

"The definitive Chinese recipe book." —South China Morning Post

"The latest addition to Phaidon's ever-growing list of national cuisine cookbooks-cum-bibles is China: The Cookbook. This is by far the most ambitious in the series... The Chans' pride in their cuisine is understandable and evident in the words and tone of their writing... What they have created is a book that offers a window into a cuisine and culture older than most, yet still relatively unexplored by outsiders... A remarkable feat and, for anyone with an interest in Chinese cuisine, Asian cuisine, China and its people, and frankly food in general, it's an indispensable tool." —In Good Taste

"Learn how to do Chinese properly." —Living North

"Through this book, more and more people will enjoy Chine cuisine and get to know the culture behind the food." —Tony Lu, Chef, Fu1015, No. 16, Asia's 50 Best

"There's something here for everyone." —Susan Jung, World's 50 Best Asia Academy Chair for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan

"Ever wanted to make your own dumplings? With this recipe, it's even easier - and delicious-er - than you'd think."—Smith Journal online

"Authentic and delicious Chinese recipes that are a far cry from your local takeaway... Easy-to-follow recipes, many with a few words on the dish's history, and the photography is vibrant and attractive. Over 30 regions and sub-regions are represented in this volume, showcasing a diversity that is not often obvious to Western eyes and taste buds... There is something for everyone, and an abundance of fascinating facts, too." —Juanita Coulson, The Lady

"In the tradition of bestselling Mexico, China is a magnificent insight into a cuisine. Featuring most than 650 recipes for delicious and authentic Chinese dishes, this authoritative book showcases culinary diversity of one of the world's richest and oldest cuisines." —The Hobson NZ

"Kei Lum and his wife of 38 years, Diora Fong Chan, have added their own special contribution to their country's culinary heritage with their spectacular 700-page gilt-edged epic, China: the Cookbook. Covering more than 30 Chinese regions and featuring more than 650 authentic, traditional recipes, it takes readers through many popular Chinese staples, along with rarely recorded regional specialties." —SBS Food online

"The latest offering from Phaidon's national cuisines series, China: The Cookbook will ease you into mastering one of the world's great cuisines." —Jetstar

"China: The Cookbook comes as a timely reminder of the extraordinary depth, diversity and often plain weirdness of that vast nation's food... China: The Cookbook has "one-stop reference" stamped all over it. A vast collection of recipes from every region." —The Weekend Australian

"Collates many recipes from all regions of China... A sumptuous tour. The recipes are clear to follow and the pictures are mouthwatering."—

"Comprehensive and fascinating... A stunning cookery book... The recipes themselves are refreshingly accessible... This is a recipe book I think anyone with an interest in Chinese food NEEDS. And, it's perfect timing - with Christmas just over a month away." —, Fiona McLean

"Let me say this right up front: this is an amazing book, incredibly comprehensive, the recipes work and, although some recipes are very involved, most of it is achievable at home... Buy it! This is incredibly good value for money!" —Australian Gourmet Pages

"With more than 650 recipes, from 33 different regions and sub-regions, this cookbook is an impressive collection of delicious and authentic Chinese dishes that can be easily recreated by you at home." —Mindfood Aus/NZ

"Epic." —Vancouver Sun

"China: The Cookbook is an authentic look at traditional recipes from across China's 30 distinct regions." —The Australian Women's Weekly