Martin Parr: Tenby, Wales, 2018

Martin Parr: Tenby, Wales, 2018 (Pre-order)

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Martin Parr


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A bespoke special edition of Martin Parr’s major new book on one of his most enduring subjects: people. By turns witty, surprising, and ingenious, Parr’s photographs reveal the eccentricities of modern life with affection and insight.


A quintessential British scene, but one which anyone can relate to. Taken with a telephoto lens the perfect composition and framing make for a photographic gem.

Tenby is a harbour town and resort in Wales, where Martin has a holiday house so this is a special place for him. Martin also loves the beach – over the course of Parr’s career, no subject has occupied him more comprehensively, or more consistently, than the countless small things that make Britain what it is. He probes the clichés of British life giving them fresh consideration… this is a quintessential British scene, but one which many could relate to – simple things in life, nostalgic.

Martin has recently started experimenting with a telephoto lens to photograph from long distances, particularly at the beach. This not only enables him to photograph completely unobserved, but also to explore new ways of graphically organizing space. A photographic gem – the formal composition, the perfect framing of the scene, the figures bottom left on the edge of the frame and top right. A quick capture with the telephoto lens and he didn’t know at the time that it would be so great.


Colour pigment print
Paper size: 11 x 14 in (356 x 280 mm)
Image size: 9 x 13.5 inches (343 x 229 mm)
An edition of 100 plus 10 artist's proofs
Print and book signed and numbered by Martin Parr


Martin Parr: Kentucky Derby, Louisville, USA, 2015

A major new book on Martin Parr explores the photographer's most enduring subject – people – as never before

By turns witty, surprising, and ingenious, Martin Parr's photographs reveal the eccentricities of modern life with affection and insight. This book – published to coincide both with Parr's 2019 exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery and also the date the UK will leave the EU – examines what it means to be human at a time of both change and retrospection. Bringing together new work from the last decade, Only Human explores the concepts of Britishness and national identity through the rituals and habits of everyday life.


Size: 245 x 210 mm (9 5/8 x 8 1/4 in)
Pages: 240 pp
Illustrations: 250 illustrations

Only Human

"The most famously satirical eye in British photography." —Guardian

"One of the world’s finest documentary photographers." —Art Review

Only Human

"One of photography’s great social observers – one of those who finds pleasure through looking at the particular, but always with a mind on the larger social view." —Sandra Phillips, curator, SFMoMA

"Martin Parr is one of the world’s most iconic photographers, his ability to capture the essence of Britishness is unparallelled within contemporary image-making." —AnOther Magazine

Only Human

“Unflinching, sardonic, edgy ... direct, sometimes harsh and almost always funny.” —Washington Post

“Sardonic chronicler of contemporary life and arguably Britain’s greatest living photographer ... a playful satirist, skewering the nation’s eccentricities ... Parr loves to record the mundane absurdities that make Britain both charming and bizarre." —Alastair Sooke, Telegraph


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