The International Cookbook Collection:

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Travel the world and introduce wonderful global flavors into your home. These much-loved cookbooks explore some of the world’s most interesting and adored cuisines, with thousands of tried and tested recipes for the home cook.

The Silver Spoon: The latest edition of the most influential and successful Italian cookbook of the last 50 years, with over 2,000 recipes.

Mexico: The Cookbook: With more than 650 delicious and authentic recipes that can be easily recreated at home, this is the ultimate book on this much-loved cuisine.

China: The Cookbook: The definitive cookbook bible of the world's most popular and oldest cuisine.

Japan: The Cookbook: The bestselling home-cooking recipe collection from one of the most respected and beloved culinary cultures.

The Nordic Baking Book: Magnus Nilsson, the acclaimed chef featured in the Emmy-Award winning US PBS series The Mind of a Chef and the Netflix docuseries Chef's Table, explores the rich baking tradition of the Nordic region, with 450 tempting recipes for home bakers.

The Irish Cookbook: Acclaimed chef Jp McMahon showcases the true depth of Irish cuisine, its ingredients, and its fascinating history, as never before.

Cuba: The Cookbook: A unique compilation of authentic home-cooking recipes from Cuba, reflecting the island's remarkable culinary diversity.

The Turkish Cookbook: 550 recipes of hearty, healthy Turkish cuisine, from the leading authority on Turkey's unique food traditions, Musa Dagdeviren, as featured in the Netflix documentary series Chef's Table.

Greece: The Cookbook: This truly comprehensive food bible, written by the authority on Greek cuisine, Vefa Alexiadou, is the definitive work on the rich and fascinating cooking of modern Greece.


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