The Essential Art Book Library

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Who better curate a collection of art book essentials than Phaidon, the publisher credited with 'invented the art book'? These stunningly produced, meticulously edited, and exquisitely illustrated titles cover all sides of artistic endeavor, from prehistoric times to the present day. This exclusive library has been carefully selected by Phaidon's editorial board to give both dedicated gallery-goers and art initiates the opportunity to discover an entire world of artistic practice art through the prism of a collection of impeccably conceived books.

This collection includes:

500 Self-Portraits: A compelling collection of self-portraits from throughout recorded history, revised to include captivating contemporary works.

Andy Warhol “Giant” Size: The bestselling visual biography of one of the twentieth century's most innovative, influential artists.

Animal: Exploring the Zoological World: Explore the beauty and diversity of the animal world through more than 300 captivating images from across time and from every corner of the globe.

Art =: A fresh and unconventional approach to exploring 6,000 years of art history through 800 masterpieces from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Art in Time: An up-to-date guide to the most significant art styles and movements from antiquity to the present day.

Body of Art: The first book to celebrate comprehensively the beautiful and provocative ways artists have represented, scrutinized, and utilized the body over centuries.

30,000 Years of Art: An accessible, comprehensive, freshly-updated celebration of the vast range of human artistry from 28,000 BC to today.

Great Women Artists: Five centuries of fascinating female creativity presented in more than 400 compelling artworks and one comprehensive volume.

The Lives of Artists: The definitive collection of artist profiles by legendary journalist and New Yorker writer Calvin Tomkins, from the 1960s to today.

Reading Art: A celebration of artworks featuring books and readers from throughout history, for the delight of art lovers and bibliophiles.

Vitamin D3: This indispensable survey of contemporary drawing is the latest installment of this indispensable survey, chosen by the world's leading art experts.


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  • ISBN: 9781838664633