Extinct (Pre-order)

An Illustrated Exploration of Animals That Have Disappeared

A gorgeously illustrated tribute to animals that no longer live on our planet, paired with information on how we can save future species

Shipped from 21 October 2019.

Lucas Riera


Price: USD$19.95

This exploration of animals that we have lost over the past century, from the California grizzly to the Persian tiger, aims to create awareness and inspire children to act responsibly toward their environment. Each animal's story of how it came to extinction is told through graphically stunning illustrations and information packed spreads. Further scientific resources and profiles of animals that have been rediscovered or successfully reintroduced into the wild empower children with the knowledge and tools necessary to aid in conservation and encourage sustainability.

Ages 7-10


Format: Hardback
Size: 355 x 375 mm (14 x 10 7/8 in)
Pages: 50 pp
Illustrations: 50 illustrations
ISBN: 9781838660369

Lucas Riera is a Spanish writer and publisher at Mosquito books, based in Barcelona. For this book, he collaborated with biologist and scientist Carmen Soria, a specialist in the field of animal extinction.

Jack Tite is a UK-based illustrator and motion designer. He studied graphic design and illustration at De Montfort University, and published his first book in 2018. He is particularly inspired by wildlife and history.

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