Pork chop and semi-dried pickled root vegetables

A recipe by Magnus Nilsson, taken from Faviken

A really good-quality, perfectly cooked pork chop is almost a dish in itself, without any garnish. The meat is pink and juicy, the fat almost nougat-like and skin delicious and crispy. In this recipe the chop is simply fried in a pan and rested a little on the grill, just to give a very light smokiness. The only garnish is pickle juice and slices of pickled sweet-and-sour root vegetables dried until they resemble vegetable raisins, cut into fine strips, and served in a little stack next to the succulent pork.

Serves 6


1 large pork chop, still on the bone, at room temperature

400g pickled root vegetables, thinly sliced

light garlic butter



Place the pickled vegetables on baking paper and then on baking trays. Put them in a dry place and leave until suitably dried out: they should be dry to the touch, but still chewy. This will take a couple of days, and you will have to turn the slices twice a day so that they dry evenly.

Season the pork chop with salt quite liberally on all sides and leave for 10 minutes or so for the salt to melt, then cook it in a pan (see page 46).

While the meat is resting, cut the slices of vegetables in thin strips about the size of a matchstick. Place the vegetables in a little stack on the plate, and cut the meat across the chop so that each piece has an equal amount of fat on it. Place the meat on the plate and finish by spooning a teaspoon of pickle juice over it.