Pine Mushrooms Wrapped in Sea Lettuce

A recipe by Rodolfo Guzmán, taken from Boragó
Pine Mushrooms Wrapped in Sea Lettuce
Pine Mushrooms Wrapped in Sea Lettuce

Serves 4

For the charcoal-grilled mushrooms:


2 kg Chilean espino coal
4 medium pine mushrooms
(Suillus granulatus)
50 g sea lettuce
100 g clarified butter


Heat the espino coal until the embers are red-hot. Then spread the embers out to produce a slight warmth. Wrap the mushrooms completely with the sea lettuce. Then hang them on a rack set about 30 inches (80 cm) above the embers, so they are mobile and can rotate during the cooking. Cook for 3 hours, brushing the mushrooms with clarified butter every 30 minutes. Set aside.

For the garum emulsion:


4 g Chilean silverside garum
40 g Mushroom Oil


In a bowl, whisk the garum with the mushroom oil to make an emulsion. Set aside.

To serve:

4 espino small branches
10 g essence of city mushrooms
28 chickweed leaves

Preheat 4 plates. Remove the mushrooms from the sea lettuce and thinly sliced. Arrange the slices on the center of each plate. Spread the city mushroom essence over an espino twig and place it at one side of the mushrooms, so it releases its aroma. Brush the mushrooms with the garum emulsion and scatter the chickweed leaves around them.


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