Chilled Broth of Broad Bean, Green Almond and Strawberry, Fig Leaf and Yogurt Whey

A recipe by Dan Hunter, taken from Brae - Recipes and stories from the restaurant

For 4 people

Ingredients for the fig oil:

125g young fig leaves

1 litre olive oil

Ingredients for the yogurt whey:

10g tender young fig leaves from trees just prior to fruiting

200ml whey extracted from hanging sheep’s milk yogurt

Ingredients for the broad beans:

400g baby broad (fava) beans


Ingredients for the almonds:

20 peeled tender or

green almonds

solution of 1 litre water to 1g ascorbic acid

Ingredients for the strawberries:

Mix of around 40 small Japanese and wild strawberries, both traditional red and fraises de bois white

Ingredients for the  flowers:

Coriander flowers


For the fig oil

Combine the fig leaves and oil in a vacuum pack and heat at 60ºC (140ºF) for 3 hours.

Leave the resulting oil to infuse for a minimum of 3 weeks before use.

For the yogurt whey

Crush and tear the fig leaves and vacuum seal them with the whey. Leave in the refrigerator to infuse for 12 hours. Strain out the fig leaves and transfer the infused whey to the freezer and freeze until it is icy but not frozen as a solid mass – this will take roughly 30 minutes, but keep an eye on it.

For the broad beans

Remove the broad (fava) beans from their pods and blanch them quickly in salted boiling water.  Refresh them and then remove the second skin. Keep the beans covered with a damp cloth to avoid them oxidizing and drying out.

For the almonds

Peel the almonds to reveal the inner jelly-like tender almonds and place these in the water/ascorbic acid solution. It is best to peel the almonds as close as possible to the time of service.

For the strawberries

Clean any dirt from the strawberries.

For the flowers

Cut the flowers from the stems using sharp scissors and wash them quickly in chilled water. Store them on a damp cloth in a sealed container until needed.

To serve

Dress the double-podded baby broad beans and the strawberries with a little of the fig oil and season with salt. Make a pile of these in the centre of each serving bowl and arrange the tender almonds amongst them. Pour over a spoonful of the yogurt whey, adding any frozen pieces to the top of the other ingredients. Arrange flowers on top and drizzle with more oil.


• For a restaurant under two years old, Brae is receiving amazing international critical acclaim. Hunter has featured in articles in Eater, Fine Dining Lovers, Bon Appetit, Grub Street, New Yorker a well as all the Australian food press.

• "One of the great meals in the world" and "It is so good it is almost depressing" –Anthony Bourdain reviewing Dan Hunter at previous Australian restaurant The Royal Mail.