Bloggers exposed by Gabriela Herman

A series of 20 intimate photographic portraits of bloggers reveals the faces behind the best blogs
Gabriela Herman, A Photography Blog (2011)
From the Bloggers series
Gabriela Herman, A Photography Blog (2011) From the Bloggers series

Brooklyn-based photographer Gabriela Herman’s latest project Bloggers has been spreading like wildfire through the blogging community. The project, a series of 20 intimate photographic portraits of bloggers illuminated by the glow of their computers, literally sheds light on an activity normally perceived as hidden.

The blogosphere is a vast community that forges links between users, and Herman's project shows the human face of blogging by revealing the people behind the blogs we read, from Scanwiches to Art Most Fierce and Letters to Romeo. Blogs bring us together, allowing us to reconnect in an age which is increasingly isolating.

Herman wanted to highlight this nature of blogging in her project; she started with one blogger and asked them to recommend her next subject from someone on their blog roll. In this way Herman forged the same links and dialogues we all create through our online activity. Under the soft glow of the computer light, Bloggers perfectly recreates the paradoxical state of isolation and communication that the digital age exposes us to.

“I wanted to bring their intimate worlds to the outside public. Ultimately, though, Bloggers is more about rethinking the way we experience the world, looking at how we live and spend our time,” explains Herman.


Follow the link to Lenscratch to see Herman’s work.

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