Become a seasoned eater and enjoy the best of British asparagus

With the asparagus season in full swing, know which other seasonal food you should be eating now

The short but sweet 8-week British asparagus season is in full swing (until mid-June), with asparagus bunches a common site in every supermarket's vegetable aisles.

The demand for British asparagus has changed since the small-scale cottage industry of the 1970s to the impressive £18.2 million market it is today.

'We have seen an increased demand over the last few years for local regional produce,' says George Hebditch, a buyer for Marks & Spencer. 'This is particularly evident in the British asparagus season when demand each year exceeds our expectation.'

It is increasingly important to think about where our food comes from and the distance it travels before it appears on our plates. One way of doing this is to become a gardening guru and learn what to grow and when to grow it; which vegetables are in season throughout the year and what you can grow yourself to get the most out of your vegetable patch.


Follow the link to the British Asparagus Season Blog to find out the truth behind common asparagus myths.

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