A sweet idea: Petit Pois Cakes made from vegetables

Pumpkin, courgette and beetroot are the main ingredient of these gluten and lactose-free cupcakes
Lemon and Courgette Cupcake, Petit Pois Cakes
Lemon and Courgette Cupcake, Petit Pois Cakes

Courgette, beetroot and pumpkin are usually more likely to be served up grilled with rosemary and salt, rather than grated into a cupcake mix but thats exactly what Harry Eastwood and Ashley Maddox have created with Petit Pois Cakes. And with delicious results.

In boxes of two complementing flavors - chocolate and vanilla or lemon and orange - these gluten and lactose-free cakes, garnished with a sweet little marzipan pea, went on sale this week, exclusively in Selfridges.

Star of Channel 4's Cook Yourself Thin programme, Eastwood moved to Paris a year ago with the intention of finding healthy alternatives to classic French recipes, with delicate little sponge cakes a high priority. Eastwood tried and tested until she found the right balance of top quality ingredients, including free range eggs, 70% cocoa chocolate, vanilla bean, unwaxed citrus fruit and grated vegetables - which are the biggest single ingredient in Petit Pois cakes.


For more of Harry Eastwood's healthier recipes, follow the link to Cook Yourself Thin

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