Ferran Adrià prepares for the last supper at elBulli

The holy grail of haute cuisine closes its doors as a restaurant
Ferran Adrià watches over his kitchen intently as his team prepare technically complex dishes
Ferran Adrià watches over his kitchen intently as his team prepare technically complex dishes

elBulli, considered by many to be the finest restaurant in the world, is closing as we know it. The three Michelin-starred restaurant, situated in the small town of Roses, Catalonia, Spain, is serving a 48 course menu to mark the end of an era of culinary innovation.

With an ambitious approach to experimentation, head chef Ferran Adrià has pushed the boundaries of cooking with the use of techniques such as ultra-low-temperature-freezing and developed the now infamous food-based 'foams' and 'airs'.

Often referred to as 'molecular gastronomy', Adrià has pioneered a method he calls 'deconstruction' to create an exciting new world of haute cuisine. Adrià's biographer Colman Andrews describes the chef's pioneering approach to deconstruction as "the breaking down of familiar dishes into their constituent parts and then reassembling the pieces in new ways, so the dishes take on different forms while retaining sensory connections with their original models".

elBulli has topped the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants list an impressive five times. Under Adrià's leadership, the restaurant has trained some of today's gastronomic superstars including René Redzepi - whose restaurant, Noma, in Copenhagen, knocked elBulli off the 50 Best list last year and was again number one at this year's awards.

Adrià will continue to cultivate future generations of food innovators when elBulli reopens as a foundation in 2014.

In the meantime, Phaidon is pleased to be publishing The Family Meal - the first book of home-cooking recipes by Ferran Adrià, containing 31 menus and 93 recipes for the simple, tasty dishes that the elBulli staff ate for dinner.


Follow the link to Nowness.com and watch Marcus Gaab's video behind the scenes at elBulli.

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