Dining out at Russell Norman’s latest Italian restaurant Spuntino in London

Enter into a 1950s diner-style experience for happy Soho days
Menu from Spuntino, London
Menu from Spuntino, London

Restaurateur Russell Norman has recently opened Spuntino, a sister restaurant to Polpo and Polpetto, located in London’s Soho area. Whereas the others offer Italian inspired cuisine, Spuntino's food is Italian with some American influences: bite-sized comfort food is on the menu with 'Sliders' (small burgers), 'Mac and cheese' (macaroni cheese), but also more adventurous offerings such as 'Truffled egg toast' and 'Calamari, chickpeas, ink'. 

Imagine traipsing an urban, gritty neighbourhood only to enter into what Russell Norman likens to a scene from Happy Days: a 1950s American-style diner with friendly service and music playing. Intentionally "foreboding" on the outside, while inside is an intimate 26-seater horseshoe bar. Spuntino's offers an informal approach to eating out with a no reservation policy.

Of course, if you don’t feel like going out but fancy some authentic Italian cooking, why not try concocting a homemade meal using The Silver Spoon cookbook?


Follow the link to Dos Hermanos for a review of Spuntino and visit RedVisitor for a video interview with Russell Norman talking about his three Italian-inspired restaurants and his favourite places to eat.

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