Standby NYC: Warhol to return to Union Square

The Public Art Fund unveils a series of new sculptures to be installed in the city next Spring
What Rob Pruitt's 'Andy Monument' will look like in situ
What Rob Pruitt's 'Andy Monument' will look like in situ

New York's Public Art Fund has just announced an exciting line-up of public art projects to be unveiled across the city this spring.

Three new sculptures will be installed by a series of emerging young artists at City Hall Park, Doris C. Freedman Plaza and Union Square as part of the Fund's In the Public Realm project.  

Perhaps the most striking will local artist Rob Pruitt's 'The Andy Monument', a 10-foot-high bronze sculpture of Warhol that will be installed at the Union Square site; just outside the building that once housed Warhol's Factory. The artist will be rendered as he looked in the 1970s, in his 'signature fright wig' with a camera around his neck and carrying a shopping bag full of Interview magazine, which he helped to found.

According to Nicholas Baume, director and chief curator of the Public Art Fund, 'These aren’t site-specific installations; they are site-responsive. They are all linked because they use New York City as a context.'

 Follow the link to the New York Times' full story on the sculptures



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