Quick after work supper bites

Don't spend all evening in the kitchen
Stuffed courgette flowers

1 / 12 Stuffed courgette flowers

Watercress and aubergine salad

2 / 12 Watercress and aubergine salad

Frittata cake

3 / 12 Frittata cake

Fillet of beef with broad beans

4 / 12 Fillet of beef with broad beans

Fennel, celery and apple salad

5 / 12 Fennel, celery and apple salad

Farmhouse salad

6 / 12 Farmhouse salad

Cod in tomato water

7 / 12 Cod in tomato water

Carpaccio with radishes

8 / 12 Carpaccio with radishes

Bruschetta with tomato

9 / 12 Bruschetta with tomato

Avocado salad

10 / 12 Avocado salad

Baby artichoke canapés

11 / 12 Baby artichoke canapés

Beef Tartare

12 / 12 Beef Tartare


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