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Who’s top dog here?

Here’s how we buddied up with NYC’s best four-legged, furry influencers to launch our new book Feed Me
Published: Thursday, 18 October 2018

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On National Pasta Day, why not try this Middle Eastern take?
These grain-sized pasta shapes are popular across the Middle East, and go great with kale and feta
Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2018
The Nordic Baking Book is a Bible for Bakers says WSJ.
Magnus Nilsson's new book 'captures the heart of baking culture across Scandinavia' the magazine says
Published: Sunday, 14 October 2018
A very funny man for A Very Serious Cookbook
Comedian Eric Wareheim opens up on why he loves the amazing food and wine at Contra and Wildair
Published: Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Massimo Bottura is the Pavarotti of Pasta, says 60 Minutes
The show traces his career from a first taste of tortellini under his grandma's table to becoming world’s best chef
Published: Monday, 8 October 2018
Here's a sneak peak of Massimo Bottura on 60 Minutes tonight!
Watch Channel 2 at 7pm tonight to see our Bread is Gold and Skinny Italian Chef author interviewed by Lesley Stahl
Published: Sunday, 7 October 2018
The perfect beer for Nordic Baking
After centuries apart, Evil Twin's Swedish Fika Biscotti Break brings Nordic brewing and baking together again
Published: Friday, 28 September 2018
The surprisingly bookish origins of German trifle
Discover a story of rich lives and tragic decline behind the sweet Lübeck-style trifle in The German Cookbook
Published: Monday, 24 September 2018
The surprisingly British origins of German currywurst
The street food was first cooked with a little help from Germany’s enemies as The German Cookbook explains
Published: Thursday, 20 September 2018
The surprisingly political origins of German pickled herring
How Otto von Bismarck came to lend his name to one of Germany’s best-loved seafood dishes
Published: Tuesday, 18 September 2018
U2 play Massimo Bottura’s Refettorio Paris
Bono and the band took an opportunity during their tour to entertain guests at Massimo's Bread Is Gold restaurant
Published: Wednesday, 12 September 2018
Now you can cook like Massimo Bottura (kind of)
The chef and philanthropist has designed his own range of cooking toys - with a little help from Grundig
Published: Tuesday, 11 September 2018
3 cute doggy pics from our Feed Me book (and one less so!)
Cook your companion one of the 50 dishes from our new book, and you could end up with a dog looking this happy
Published: Wednesday, 5 September 2018


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