Celebrated Japanese web designer makes first pop video

Yugo Nakamura creates the visuals for Yasuyaki Okamura song




Yugo Nakamura has made a name for himself thanks to his groundbreaking web design of the past few years, working with big Japanese brands such as Uniqlo, Commes des Garcons, Junya Watanabe and MUJI as well as Marc Jacobs, YSL and PUMA to create innovative examples of interactive-heavy - and yes, Flash-dependant - websites. It's safe to say he's one of the most important web designers in the world right now. 

A new project teams him and his design company tha Ltd with singer-songwriter Yasuyaki Okamura, and although not as interactive as some of his output, it does do something rather interesting with the medium. At the base is a video directed by Nakamura for the song BushakaLOOP, the first single from Okamura’s new ÉTIQUETTE album (a double album comprising Pink Jacket and Purple Jacket, each sold separately). The teaser site used to promote the song and album shows the video in full-browser - although you can just cheat and watch it on YouTube as well.

In the video, Okamura plays up the sounds and stops of the song, which are at first portrayed by him writing on a piece of paper, but later as tweets as well. Breaking the wall between fiction and creation is the fact that Okamura’s Twitter account (@yasuyuki_info) shows those same tweets in its timeline - which is pretty clever, even if you’re not mad about the song itself.



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