Ross Lovegrove’s five point plan for getting ahead

The prolific designer lets you on to how he creates his recognisable projects


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Ross Lovegrove’s first ever Italian solo show, Endless, opens this Thursday at Cardi Black Box in Corso di Porta Nuova, Italy. Endlesss showcases two new projects; Long Liquid Bench and Liquid Shelving.

In this short Phaidon video he outlines his method of getting ahead of the competition. We’ve boiled it down to five points.

"If you’re not good maybe if you just work a bit harder you’ve got the chance to produce more that you can reject. I get up at 5.45 every morning!"

"Get into the right mindset – philosophical and abstract - if you want to change the world. Remember, everything is possible."

"But develop the broadest skills base possible so you’re armed."

"If you're young, don’t worry about being consistent."

"Get some historical knowledge - it’s fundamental."

In the 80s, the legendary product designer, notable for pushing materials to their limits, worked on computers for Apple and WalkMans for Sony. He later moved to Paris to work as a consultant for the furniture company Knoll and consulted for fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Hermes. He's featured in Phaidon Design Classics.



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