Fancy a go at restoring the Ecce Homo?

Ad firm BBH create the Cecilia Prize, for budding restorers all over the world
Martínez' mural before and after the amateur restoration
Martínez' mural before and after the amateur restoration


Last week the art world was collectively dismayed, if not a little tickled, by the efforts of amateur restorer Cecilia Giménez. The octogenarian from Zaragoza took it upon herself to "fix" a damaged church mural by painter Elías García Martínez, but, despite a wealth of good intentions, she transformed the work into a version that bears little-to-no resemblance to its original form.

Ecce Homo restoration attempts

Ecce Homo restoration attempts

The amateur restoration, apart from upsetting a huge amount of people, led many sure-brushed art lovers to claim they could do a far better job, despite, like Giménez, having received no formal training. Well, now's their chance to try. A team at London-based advertising firm BBH this week revealed The Cecilia Prize, a website that allows you, us and everyone else in the world to get down to work on their own restorative effort.

Visit the website here, and good luck!





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