Shoichi Aoki: Fruits Postcards

45 postcards of images from Shoichi Aoki's Fruits in a fluourescent box.

Photographs by Shoichi Aoki


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About the book
  • A specially designed plastic, moulded, fluorescent box containing 45 postcards of different images from Aoki's best-selling book Fruits
  • 45 teenage fashion setters from spikey to fluffies
  • Packaged in brightly coloured, fruity, fluorescent, plastic moulded boxes
  • Cards are perfect to send to friends or pin on the wall
  • Box comes in a range of 'fruity' fluorescent colours

In The Press
'A funky, funny look at Tokyo's teen street fashion - all Vivienne Westwood and DIY chic. Guaranteed to give you that happy-all-over-feeling.' (Elle)

About the author(s)
Shoichi Aoki (b.1955) is a leading publisher and photographer of street fashion in Japan. He is the editor of popular fashion magazines such as Street, Fruits and Tune. In 1997 he established his much acclaimed Fruits magazine that to this day records and celebrates the freshness of Japanese street fashion.

Shoichi Aoki: Fresh Fruits Postcards
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